Joe Hanson

Founder / Lead Developer

Joe founded Rocketmind in 2009 to build high quality apps and games for mobile devices. Joe developed Rocketmind's first hit game 'Big Sport Fishing' and has more than 14 years of application development experience. Joe has extensive experience in UI design, game design, real time systems, encryption, and communications security. Joe holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Renssselaer Polytechnic institute and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Pat O'Donnell

Lead Artist / Designer

Pat began working with Rocketmind as lead artist in 2010 and created much of the artwork for Big Sport Fishing. In addition to his work with Rocketmind, Pat created the Dragonstorm cover art for Unstoppable Comics and Argonauts pages for Timeless Journey Comics. Pat is an Adjunct Professor of Visual Arts at Berkshire Community College and a visting lecturer at the Massachusetts College of Art. Pat earned an MA in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design and a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art.

Some of Pat's Work

Travis Pinsonnault

3D Artist

Travis is an accomplished 3D artist, modeler and animator. Travis has had extensive experience in the film industry and has worked with Kleiser-Walczak Construction Company and Synthespian Studios. Feature film credits include the XMen Films: 'X2', and 'X3: Last Stand', and 'Surrogates'.

Some of Travis's Work

Wendy Gipp


Wendy has an extensive background in production that includes theatre, film and television. She began her career in advertising on Madison Avenue where she produced television and radio commericals for clients including NCR, Sprint Cellular, Wendy's and Eastman Kodak. Later she joined Kleiser Walczak Construction Company, where she handled live action and digital production for commercials and feature films. Her film credits include 'Riddick', 'Elysium', 'This is the End', 'Louis Cyr' and 'Noah'.