We don’t go fishing for compliments…But here are a few of the nice things folks had to say about Big Sport Fishing…


I play very few video games but I love this one!! – Keith


Awesome. When you can’t go fishing…. take a break with this app. I like ambient sounds… very calm. – Marco


My kids love this game..but I have high score..lol. nice job – Sam


This is a great way to burn time. To those of you complaining about difficulty catching fish you just don’t know what you’re doing wow. – Rabdulwahid


I really enjoy this one, all the fun of real thing, but no bugs & no fish smell. – Kathleen


I don’t even like to fish and I can’t put this game down!! – Vince


This is by far the best fishing game I’ve played in along time. – Dale


I can play this game all day. Outstanding. – Cary


Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! Definitely worth the four bucks. :) – Bryce


Amazing graphics and fun! – Rocky