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The Tap Dialer

Dial your phone without looking! Tap Dialer allows you to dial your phone without stopping to look at the screen.

  • Set up a list of your favorite numbers in Tap Dialer
  • Then simply tap anywhere on the screen to dial
  • One tap for the first number, two taps for the second, three for the third, etc.
  • When you reach the number you want, just stop tapping and the number will be dialed automatically

No need to stop what you’re doing or break your concentration when you need to dial your phone, just use Tap Dialer!

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Must-have! Set tap #1 to Owner Info (your work) & tap #2 to emergency. 5 stars. – Richard


I love it!!!! Can’t get any easier!!!! Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S. – Summertime


This is the best speed dial app out there! Totally worth installing! – Bethany